Halloween King, Save the Holiday Store! 

Before we visited the haunted house experience of The Shallow Grave in Winter Haven, we went to check out The Holiday Store.  


Words cannot express how amazingly fantastic this store is, so I will let the pictures show you. It is located in a warehouse up the road from The Shallow Grave and is full of Halloween treats.

Upon entering we were in awe of what wonders this store had to offer. The prices of everything was beyond fair and we often found ourselves saying “Do we have to pay the rent this month?”

When talking to the owner Tom we were disheartened to hear this might be the last hoorah for his store. So we felt inclined to write a blog about our experience and wanted to showcase what everyone is missing. We Floridians who are Halloween addicts always wonder why there aren’t more Halloween shops like this one and then when there is one we don’t give it our support. 

Some pictures from the front of the store.

The store has a mix of FX makeup, vintage decor, animatronics, and masks. I couldn’t imagine someone going in and not purchasing an item. 

There was a murderous setup full of props for dismemberment.

And this sweet little girl in the mix.

Above this section is a pleather of masks, categorized by the different types.

Here are some of the witch masks they had on the witch and demon section.

These were only $120 and the picture doesn’t do them justice.

We could have been here all day taking pictures of all these works of art.

We hope they are able to stay open because we can’t wait to visit them again!

Visit their online shop here: http://theholidaystore.com%5D 

Their FB Page!


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Hello! My name is BettyBDeadly and I love the horror genre. I run The Horror Society Of Orlando on FB, a place where lovers of the genre can get their horror info on a national and a local level.
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