Halloween Nostalgia On Film

Many people could not appreciate Joe Dante’s film Burying the Ex, overall it’s an engaging film with some flaws. What made me grow fond of it were the B movie Easter eggs, the love for the genre shown throughout the film, and the nostalgia of Halloween as a kid. 

The film follows Max (Anton Yelchin) who works in a horror shop named Bloody Mary’s, with hopes to open his own horror memorabilia shop one day. Bloody Mary’s is a tribute to B movies, posters, films shown on tv in the background, and memorabilia is distributed throughout the film. It also has a nostalgic feel of the mom and pop shops some of us were lucky to grow up with.

The store is covered with B film favorites, like Edward D. Wood Jr.‘s Bride of the Monster (1955), Sam Newfield’s The Monster Maker (1944), and Bill Warren’s book Keep Watching the Skies, a book about the American sci-fi movies of the 50s to name a few. Even in the background The House on Haunted Hill is playing to add ambience to the shoppers overall experience. 

Seeing this shop took me back to the good ole days of living in NYC and shopping for costumes with my mother. 

I remember entering a Rubies shop in upstate NY when I was a little girl, it’s one of my many favorite memories. I was fortunate to grow up in a time where slutty costumes weren’t the norm, where one can visit a shop like Rubies , and buy a mask that has artistry. 

The Rubies shop was quaint but full of wonders. Hundreds of masks donned the walls and boxes of Collegeville and Ben Cooper costumes scattered about the store. It had been years since I entered a store like Rubies until recently. I heard there was a store named The Holiday Store in Winter Haven and decided to give pay it a visit. Upon entering the same wave of excitement came over me and I was a kid again. 

 Just like Bloody Mary’s, the store has many Halloween goodies to offer. All of their masks are categorized on the walls making it easier to find if you are looking for a specific kind. They have all sorts of decor and animatronics, stuff you won’t find at a big chain store. There are prob tons of stores like it in California, the location the film was set in, but here in Florida it’s a rarity. 

Every corner took our breathe away and bought on a wave of nostalgia. Working in a shop like the one in the film or at The Holiday shop would be a treat or any Halloween addict. 

The love for the horror genre or Halloween doesn’t stop there in the film. It also depicts a malt shop called I-Scream that was run by the lovely Alexandria Daddario (This shop is open year round and customers could order flavors like Warlock Walnut or Tombstone Toffee. The store is also riddled in horror and Halloween decor, the walls are covered in stickers and posters. 

Two of the characters also attend a screening of Night Of The Living Dead at the Hollywood Forever cemetery on Halloween. The living surrounded by the dead while watching a zombie film, priceless. Which one of us wouldn’t love to attend such an event on All Hallow’s Eve? 

We have added Burying the Ex to our Halloween films for the season. It makes us want to live in California so that we can visit locations like this all year long. 

We have thought about creating a game while watching it to see who can point out the most B movie Easter eggs in the film. If any of this strikes your fancy check it out on Netflix. 

Have a Happy Halloween! 

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Hello! My name is BettyBDeadly and I love the horror genre. I run The Horror Society Of Orlando on FB, a place where lovers of the genre can get their horror info on a national and a local level.
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  1. shad youngblood says:

    I love this store and can’t wait to see this movie.

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