Halloween On Hulu

This just in…… Hulu has added a whole section for Halloween! They have several different categories one can chose from and we are here to break them down and give some examples of what they have to offer.

                        Halloween Episodes 

This section consists of Halloweenish/ horror themed tv shows, (excluding Roseanne because they don’t have that show there.) 

Some of our favorites made the list such as

 Hush (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Well this isn’t a “Halloween” episode it’s one of the fan faves from the show and the creepiest episode of you ask us. 

“In “Hush”, a group of fairytale ghouls named “The Gentlemen” come to town and steal everyone’s voices, leaving them unable to scream when The Gentlemen cut out their hearts. Buffy and her friends must communicate with one another silently as they try to discover why no one can speak and find whoever is murdering the townspeople. They must also find ways to express their feelings about each other and keep some semblance of control as the town descends into chaos.” 

Halloween, Addams Style

During Trick Or Treating a neighbor informs Wednesday Witches aren’t real and she returns home upset.  

                       Spooky Not Scary 

This section is for the kids and those who are still young at heart. Their is a mix of tv episodes live action and cartoons and made for tv films. 

Figaro Pho

A boy has too many phobias, 26 of them to be exact one for each letter of the alphabet. Each episode is one minute long and covers one of his fears. S is for Spiders would be mine! 
Twitches Two

The sisters have to join forces to go against Thantos and save their kingdom and everyone they love. 

Yes I did add this here and I am not ashamed to say I loved this growing up also the twins were also on Are you afraid of the dark so they have a place in this black heart. 
                     High School Horror

If being a teen and going to high school wasn’t already a nightmare imagine if you had to fight zombies or become a wolf one every month. 
 Ginger Snaps

If getting your first period wasn’t a drag neither is being attacked by a wild creature. Ginger is getting more than she bargained for and she will find out what it is next month. 
Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

It’s up to three Boy Scouts to save the day against the undead who have taken over their town. 
                         Dark & Deranged 


Told in the little red riding hood fashion, Reese Witherspoon takes a ride with an unsavory character, Keifer Sutherland. This film is dark and has become a cult classic. 

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

On vacation Tucker and Dale get mistaken as murderous hillbillies by some college students and things go awry. 
                      Animated Realms

They offer a mix of anime and cartoons for some light hearted fun. 
Extreme Ghostbusters

The Simpsons

                      Otherworldly Horror
Visit the unexplainable from a list of choices old and new.

The Twilight Zone

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

One of the many versions adapted from Jack Finney’s novel The Body Snatchers this one stars Leonard Nimoy and Donald Sutherland. 

                     Supernatural Survival


A 400 year old scarab latches on an antique dealer and he gains your hand eternal life.

From Dusk Til Dawn

Two bank robbers kidnap a family and run to the border themselves to a topless bar that happens to be a base for vampire gang.

                              Scary as Hell
The Exorcist (Tv Show)

Angela Rance believes one of her daughters is possessed and in need of some spiritual help. 

This is one of our favorite shows on tv right now, at first we were super spectacle now we are glad we gave it a chance. 

Day of the Dead (1985)

Zombies have overrun the world and humans are hiding out trying to find a cure. 

There is a little bit of Halloween and horror for everyone in each category. We hope you find something you’ve never had a chance to see or something you wanted to revisit. 

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

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Hello! My name is BettyBDeadly and I love the horror genre. I run The Horror Society Of Orlando on FB, a place where lovers of the genre can get their horror info on a national and a local level.
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